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Here’s something you might not know about me… In addition to my personal photography projects and work with clients, I sell stock photos. I began working with Offset, a boutique stock photography company, about two years ago and have grown my portfolio to more nearly 500 images. Most of the images I have for sale are of my kids, my daily life or my travels. Sometimes friends model for me or I go out and shoot for a certain concept or idea. It’s been really fun to see which images Offset selects, and which images actually sell.

Here’s a little sample of the stock photos I have for sale…

girl basking in sun on beach, miami, stock photo
girl watering flowers, stock photogirl doodling on placematlittle girl sleepinggirl using electronics in car, stock photogirl having fun at beach, stock photogirl holding planted herbs, stock photogirl baking cookies, stock photogirl on adventure, travel, stock photo

You can view my full portfolio of stock photos on Offset here.

Here are just a few of the images I’ve sold that are now being used in magazines, ads and articles. I also found one of my stocks photo in Parents Magazine, which I came across totally by accident in the waiting room at my daughter’s dentist appointment! It’s really a surprise to see where my stock images will end up.

stock photos Elizabeth Ordonez

I love creating beautiful, authentic stock photos that fit with today’s marketing standards. It’s great to see companies adding real people and real life scenarios into their advertising. Because, really, that’s the world we’re in. What could be real than people doing the stuff they love doing? It’s been such a fun way to channel my photography into other areas and I hope my stock photos help grow the beautiful trend of authenticity in advertising.

Please check out my work for sale if you are interested in my fresh, natural take on stock photos. Or, contact me directly. Follow me on Facebook for modeling opportunities!

Stephanie de Montigny - I love that you take the time to capture your daughter’s life like this. It is definitely something I strive to do when I start my family!

Jackie Kelley - Wow how cool is that taking stock photos, I am sure Miami provides some really great backdrops for the photos. These are really great photos and your kids are adorable!!

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