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Alice’s Haircut | A Love Story

It’s no secret that my daughter, Alice, loved her long hair. We all did! It was the most beautiful curly hair withView full post »

miami kids photographer

Happy Halloween! | Miami Children’s Photographer

Happy Halloween from Cinderella and Rapunzel.  My princesses and I wish you a spooky fun night filled with candy!View full post »

little girl with curly hair, Miami child photographer

Sweet Little Laughs | Miami Child Photographer

The simplest things can be inspiring, a pocket of light, a child’s laugh, some crazy hair poking out of a hood&#View full post »

Miami Beach Child Photographer, Little Girl at Miami Beach

Girl + Ocean | Miami Beach Child Photographer

This girl, she’s kind of amazing. She just turned four and has a lot to learn about the world, but I think she hasView full post »

Miami traffic at night, miami art photography

Night Lights | Miami Fine Art Photographer

If you live in Miami, then you know a thing or two about traffic.  I’ll tell you one fun thing to do in your carView full post »

little girl with braids

Just Two Little Girls | Miami Lifestyle Photographer

Here’s a simple day, like any other summer day in Miami, filled with sunshine and laughter. My girls were having aView full post »

child drawing picture at easel

Almost 4 | Miami Lifestyle Photographer

This is Alice.  She’s going to be four in a few weeks and she’s amazing.  I don’t know what it is,View full post »

little girl hiding behind door, lifestyle photo Miami

Lifestyle Photography Miami | My Summer So Far

It’s mid-June!  How is this summer passing so quickly?  Good thing we pretty much have summer weather all yearView full post »