little girl hiding behind door, lifestyle photo Miami

Lifestyle Photography Miami | My Summer So Far

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It’s mid-June!  How is this summer passing so quickly?  Good thing we pretty much have summer weather all year in Miami.  Sorry my northern friends 🙂  Still, I have a looooong list of goals for this summer and I need to get going if I’m ever going to accomplish half of them… the problem is that taking photo breaks with my kids is just so much more fun 🙂   Here is a picture of what our life has looked like these past few weeks…

little girl pretending to be super girl, lifestyle photo Miamilittle girl walking to front door, lifestyle photo Miamilittle girl hiding behind door, lifestyle photo Miamilittle girl holding umbrella, lifestyle photo Miamilittle girl eating an apple, lifestyle photo Miamibaby stretching, lifestyle photo Miamilittle girl with open mouth in rain, lifestyle photo Miamisisters snuggling, lifestyle photo Miamibaby sleeping in soccer jersey, lifestyle photo Miami

…and if you ever wonder why so many of my lifestyle photos are close up or outside, it’s because this child can make this kind of mess in under a minute.  She’s very talented that way 🙂

baby laying in middle of huge mess, lifestyle photo Miami

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