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Just Two Little Girls | Miami Lifestyle Photographer

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Here’s a simple day, like any other summer day in Miami, filled with sunshine and laughter. My girls were having a blast at the park… until they realized they were surrounded by mosquitos and ants, and then my four year old announced it was time to go 🙂 How is it that these two little babies are getting so big already? My baby #1 is about to turn FOUR and the little bug is on her way to two without looking back. I love the little people they are becoming, but I wish them to be my baby girls forever. I’ll always remember our fun adventures on hot summer days and I hope they will too. Here are a few photos of our last park day before Alice started pre-k.

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p.s.  The little one is much harder to catch these days!  Look for more of my baby Sofi next week.  Now that we have all morning alone together, she’s going to become quite familiar with my camera!

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  1. Your girls are gorgeous! I love every day photos – these are the ones we’ll look back on and cherish 🙂 I know how you feel about them getting older, its bittersweet!

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