Alice’s Haircut | A Love Story

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It’s no secret that my daughter, Alice, loved her long hair. We all did! It was the most beautiful curly hair with natural golden highlights and baby ringlets around her face. In some ways, that crazy hair was part of her personality. And for the longest time, Alice refused to cut it.

little girl with curly hair, Miami child photographer
Here’s Alice, pre-haircut, with her sassy long braid, crazy curls escaping out the sides.

We talked often to Alice about cutting her hair. We said she could just get a trim, we told her it would grow back even longer and thicker, we talked about how it would be easier to wash and brush.  She just wasn’t interested. She loved that hair.

Miami Beach Child Photographer, Little Girl at Miami Beach
Alice, a couple months before the haircut.

But as her hair grew longer and longer, I began trying new angels. I didn’t want to cut her hair any more than she did, I loved it too, but it was beginning to get in the way. One of the options I discussed with Alice was Locks of Love. She had a lot of questions, but decided at that time that it wasn’t for her.

Alice twirling with her long hair.

Well, life has a funny way of nudging you in the right direction sometimes. Alice had the opportunity to spend a couple weeks with my grandma, Gigi, who has cancer. Gigi is a survivor. When she was first diagnosed, she was not given good news. We were told she didn’t have much time. And even though I was devastated at the thought of losing her, I knew in my heart that her time wasn’t up. Gigi knew it too. She went through chemo therapy, surgery and many medications that took a toll on her body but kept her alive. She lost her hair.

Alice watching Gigi brush out her wig.
Alice watching Gigi brush out her wig.

Alice was not even born yet when my grandma was diagnosed with cancer. At that time, my wish was that my strong, beautiful grandma, who took up so much space in all of my childhood memories, so much room in my heart, would live to know that I’d named my first daughter after her. Alice, a name that means noble and sweet.

Four generations of love
Four generations of love

Four years later, we are lucky to still have our Gigi. One morning, not long after Gigi’s visit to Miami, Alice told me it was time to cut her hair. She asked if she could send it to Gigi.

My Alices at the beach
My Alices at the beach

My little Alice, sweet and noble. When I explained to her that we could help another person like Gigi by donating the hair to Locks of Love, she said she wanted to do that. I took her to the hair salon and we showed her how much hair she’d need to cut off. She said fine. I felt like I might cry.

Measuring out the 10 inches we needed to donate.
Measuring out the 10 inches we needed to donate.

After double (okay, triple) checking with Alice, we took one last look and got started with the haircut. Alice’s first haircut!

locks of love haircutlocks of love haircutlocks of love haircutlocks of love haircutlocks of love haircut


At first, Alice seemed a little shocked. I mean, that was a LOT of hair to cut off and this was her very first haircut ever. She kept turning her head side to side, examining her new hair. After a quick blowdry and style, she was happy with her new do. It suits her, don’t you think?

locks of love haircut
My baby’s new haircut.

On our way home, Alice was a little quiet. She said she missed her old hair, but she didn’t cry about it. She simply told me, “Mommy, I want to write on the note that this hair is from Gigi.” This girl takes my breath away.

Alice writing a note about her Gigi on the Locks of Love donation form.
Alice writing a note about her Gigi on the Locks of Love donation form.
Alice's hair donation
Alice’s hair donation

Today we mailed Alice’s hair to Locks of Love. We hope that someone might find some confidence and comfort from this small donation that was given with so very much love from someone with a very big heart.

Alice's beautiful short haircut.
Alice’s beautiful short haircut.

Do I miss her long hair? Well, if you know me, you know that I am a fiercely sentimental person. For me that wasn’t just hair. Alice’s babyhood, her first steps, her tantrums and first laughs, her toddler memories were tangled up in that mess of curls. She looks older now, more mature, more of a little girl. But she will always be my baby (and she says it’s okay if I call her that forever) and I have never been more proud of the person she is. She says she misses her long hair, but we remind each other that it will grow right back and that we are so lucky it will. My beautiful girl has never been more beautiful.

Besides, I kept this…


p.s. If you’d like to leave a comment for Alice, I will read them to her. She has enjoyed sharing this special experience.


14 thoughts on “Alice’s Haircut | A Love Story

  1. hi Eliizabeth,

    Would you mind tell to Alice that she is an incredible little girl and that kindness and generosity are two amazing qualities.

    I send you some kisses France.

  2. What a wonderful story. It made me teary eyed <3 Long hair or short, Alice is truly beautiful inside and out. No doubt you've told her so already, but you must be so proud of her. She certainly lives up to her name, noble and sweet.

  3. Alice! You are such an awesome person! Your heart is so full of love and it’s inspiring to others.
    Oh, and your new hair cut makes you look like such a big girl… And absolutely beautiful!

  4. “One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.”
    Lewis Carroll
    I cannot wait to meet you dear sweet Alice!

  5. Alice: You’re one amazing little chick. Always remember that. Almost everyone in this world is born with hair, but not everyone in this world is born with the strength and compassion that you have shown. Much love from Los Angeles!

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