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Photography Tutorial | Rule of Thirds

rule of thirds, ROT

The Rule of Thirds (ROT) is a the compositional idea that an image looks most balanced and pleasing to the eye when the subject or focal point is positioned within one third of the frame.

If we divide our frame into vertical and horizontal thirds, we’d end up with four intersections on which we’d ideally want to place our subject.

Here are a few examples of The Rule of Thirds

rule of thirds, ROTrule of thirds, ROTrule of thirds, ROTrule of thirds, ROTrule of thirds, ROT

The rule of thirds is probably the most popular photographic composition. It is something every budding photographer must learn and practice, and is also widely used by expert photographers. You’ll find this idea practiced in art and graphic design as well.

If you are just starting out in photography, or if you are just learning about composition, the rule of thirds is a great principle to practice. It helps that you can use your camera’s focal points or grid while shooting and Photoshop also has a rule of thirds grid to crop.

In my opinion, the rule of thirds is an important concept to know and master, but it’s not the be all end all of composition. Once you know and understand the rule of thirds, you’ll be able to decide when to follow this type of grid and when to try something a bit different.

Rules are made to be broken, but first you should know why they exist.

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