Happy Mother’s Day!

Mommy, the record keeper, the photo taker, the memory maker. She’s always behind the lens, making sure to capture those little moments. She knows they are only little once, and for such a short time. She feels them grow, change. She sees it before anyone else. She tries to capture each milestone the best she can, any way she can. Her heart is full of pictures.

Today, make sure mom gets in the picture. She wants to remember this time, this day, and her babies do too.

Moms, take selfies! Hand the camera to someone else. Snuggle your babies close and snap some pictures. You deserve to be in the frame. Your little ones will thank you one day when they look back through the albums and see your funky clothing and hairstyle, your smile, that look in your eyes. They might not remember being little, but they’ll love seeing the joy in your face, knowing how happy you were to be their mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

photos of moms


p.s. Photo sessions make great gifts for moms! Moms, photo sessions make great gifts for yourselves (and your babies).