Family Photos on Location | Miami

a family poses playfully at the beach during a photo session with Elizabeth Ordonez

The environment and location we choose for photos can say a lot. The colors, the wind whipping hair, the motions and sounds, light… it comes together to create a feeling, a sense of place for your family photos. Here in Miami, we have some of the most beautiful parks and beaches to choose from. This is one of my favorites! You can’t beat the rich golden light of sunset and the cool, soothing blues of the ocean. Add in a view of the downtown skyline, sand between your toes and the bustling laughter of a city enjoying an evening, and you’ve got something pretty special.

I love how this family chose to keep their outfits simple, allowing their personalities to merge with their environment and really shine. They look coordinated and beachy, put together but not too matchy. Their relaxed look goes perfectly with the easygoing feeling of the beach. Even the littlest one was comfortable and happy, which is so important for babies.

I’m happy to share these family photos on location in Miami, at the beach of course! I hope you can just about feel the warmth and sunshine 🙂

Family Photos at Matheson Hammock Park in Miami

Your Family Photos!

I love doing family photos on location, especially at the beach. It gives your family a chance to get out of the house and enjoy an evening (or morning) together in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. It’s also a great way to remember this beautiful city you live in, right now, as it is in all of it’s natural beauty. The light is truly magical. It’s worth getting a little sand in your hair 🙂

I’d love to work with your family! Please take a look through my portfolio and contact me when you’re ready to book your family photos. Because time, it passes so quickly, and these are days you want to remember.