Family Photos at Miami Beach

Miami beach family photos

Let’s be honest, it’s work to take a baby and a toddler to the beach. Not only are there safety issues, like sunburn and ocean waves, but there are little kid issues too. For example, one moment your baby may love the sand between his toes and the next moment he refuses to put down. Or your toddler may really enjoy playing in the waves one day and then be terrified the next. It’s work for mom and dad! So are family photos at the beach really worth it? I think so!

At the beach, you get a little of everything all rolled into a pretty (and yes, sometimes messy) package. Photos at the beach combine the motion of the wind and waves with the colors of the sand and sea. They’ll have wide open skies and plenty of space to run. You’ll get the colors of the sunset or mid-day blue, plus the vibrant yellows and pinks of the lifeguard stands and beach umbrellas. The beach is peaceful and relaxing, it’s a place to unwind and enjoy the sounds and smells. So, yes, it’s a lot to manage, but I beach sessions usually end up being some of my favorites.

Check out this beautiful family and their fun family photos at the beach. I love the smiles and the way mom and dad interacted with the kids. Such a fun photo session!

Family photos Miami Beach

Thank you for checking out my photography. If you’re interested in family photos at the beach, please contact me any time! I love working with families from Miami Beach, or those on vacation. It doesn’t get much better than family photos at Miami Beach! Still not convince? Check out some of my other family photos at Miami Beach. Or, here’s a beach photo session at another area beach. I also offer in-home sessions and a variety of other Miami photo session locations.