About Me

mom and baby, miami lifestyle photographerArtist Statement

There is so much beauty all around us in every ordinary moment. There is emotion in light and magic in tiny details. Words could never describe how I feel about this life, what it feels like to be a wife and mother, how much I love. I want to keep in my heart forever the feeling of being here, of now. I take photos of things I'm afraid to forget, of things that are important to me at this moment in time. I document life because I hope that someday my children will look at my photos and understand just how deeply I loved them every single day, in every detail, in every way. I find joy in helping my clients capture their own memories. I create natural portraits and lifestyle photos because I feel it is important for us all to remember not only how we looked, but how we were. My camera helps me achieve the vision that starts with a moment, with a pocket of light, with one thing I can't bear to forget. I hope my voice resonates with all mothers who's children are growing and changing far too quickly, with all people who find magic in everyday.